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What do steroids look like?

Posted on 25th Nov 2011 @ 8:10 AM

What do steroids look like?

It is very difficult to express that what steroids look like as there is no specific shape or form of steroids. We cannot say that the steroids are circular shaped pills. Neither can we say that they are rectangular, square, hexagonal or cylindrical. To be realistic, they are found in almost all the shapes. Some steroids are small, some are large sized. Some are oral while others are injectable. There are some steroids that are only rubbed on the skin to have relief in pain. Furthermore, the oral steroids are of many colors such as blue, red or white. So it is a little bit hard to let you know what these steroids look like.


Generally these steroids are available in tablets, liquid, injections, gels and cream form. The appearance does not matter as all give you the same results with slightly different potencies. The form of steroids depends upon the type of steroid and the manufacturer of that particular brand.


Anabolic steroids are found in different forms, shapes, sizes and colors like all the other steroids are. Some are found in tablet forms. They are used by mouth and called oral steroids. Some other anabolic steroids are sealed in glass containers. They are called ampoules. The steroids inside these ampoules are taken out by cutting the neck of the bottle. After that they are withdrawn with the help of a needle. Some other anabolic steroids are in a form of a vial.


Vial is just like the ampoules. The difference between an ampoule and a vial is this that the top of the vial is made up of rubber while the top of an ampoule is made by glass. We have to cut the top of the ampoule to take out the medicine but we can take medicine from vial without cutting its top. What we have to do is just to inject the needle in the rubber part and take out the required medicine. Some other anabolic steroids are found in bottles. Bottles are somewhat like vials with removable top.

It is very difficult to recognize steroids by just watching them. You are unable to identify them by their colors, shapes, sizes and forms. Same steroids are found in different forms as made by different companies. When you go to the market and ask for a steroid by telling the chemist the shape of the drug, he would not help you in finding out that particular drug you are looking for. It is necessary that you have to know the exact name and form of that particular drug you are referring to, so that you can get exactly what you want. It is better that you should not buy a steroid only because your friend or some of your relative has used it and found it helpful in any way. His conditions may be different from yours. It is advisable that you consult a doctor before going to buy a steroid. He is the right person to guide you. One thing that you should always keep in mind is that steroids are not candies, they are medicines and like all other medicines, they have many side effects. So use them carefully.