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How to increase libido with steroids

Posted on 23rd Mar 2012 @ 6:58 AM

How to increase libido with steroids

It is an already established fact that an average person reaches at his sexual peak at the age of 25 or few years more or less to that and remains at its peak up till somewhere his 40s. This general information covers both men and women. The healthy libido shows the capability of enjoying life but sometimes a problem occurs and the sexual hormones do not work properly. In such a case, the life becomes miserable. Men hesitate to discuss it with others that make the situation even worse.

It is necessary to understand the reason of this problem first. In this way you can better deal with it and solve it without disturbing your life. Testosterones are the main sex hormones that body produces. They are 10 times more in number in men’s bodies as compare to women’s but they actually are responsible for sexual drive, healthy libido and production of sperms. On the other hand, estrogens are the main sex hormones in women’s bodies that are responsible for the proper functioning of reproductive system. As the age grows, it is a natural phenomenon that all body parts slow their functions and you have to take supplements to keep your body in healthy condition.

There are many medicines that are normally prescribed by doctors to increase libido. They may vary from person to person and from dose to dose by mainly they have these hormones in them. Steroids are also synthetically formed version of testosterone and estrogen hormones. They are also prescribed by the physicians to increase the level of these hormones in the body so that men and women can enjoy their happy married lives.

Testosterone steroids are normally prescribed by the doctors to enhance libido among men after the age of 40 and almost 90% of them have reported that steroids have worked in their cases. It helps them in bringing back their sex drive and they feel enthusiastic and energetic. It also boosts up their sexual energy and increases their sperm production activity. Another positive point of the use of testosterone hormones is this that these hormones give your body an attractive sexual touch that forces opposite sex to come to you. These hormones maintain your muscles and bone mass and distribute the fat equally in your body without giving it a look of a monster.

In case of women, estrogen based steroids are normally prescribed by the doctors to improve their sex drive. These estrogen hormones help in keeping brain cells healthy and in restoring libido so that they can enjoy their whole life.

So, it is clear that steroids help a lot in maintaining and increasing libido. But one thing should always be in the minds of the users of these drugs that they should not use them by their own. First, they should consult their doctors who will decide the dose for them. Otherwise, they may have many bad and sometimes even irreversible effects. To avoid any unpleasant situation, it is better to have the advice of a doctor.