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How to use insulin to build muscle mass

Posted on 9th Oct 2012 @ 6:24 PM

How to use insulin to build muscle mass

Insulin is called by many people as anabolic number one, while others do not recognize the presence in this hormone of anabolic properties. That certainly does not mean that it has not to be used for increasing muscle mass.

Insulin is used in many ways, but most of all people use it immediately after training. If you are thinking about using insulin for muscle growth than you have to pay big attention to dosages. Recommended dosages is 1 IU   per 10-20 pounds of lean bodyweight. You have to begin with small doses like 2 IU, then increasing the dosages in small steps by 1-4 IU every consecutive training.

You can stopped one you reached one of these two situations:
-you will reach the mark of 20  IU
- or you will feel a very strong hypoglycemia after administration of a lower dose.
The use of a higher dose is not  justified, and 20 Iu can be considered fairly safe level.

Most people have serious problems when goes for higher dosages than 35-45 IU. Despite of this have been registered many cases of hypoglycemic coma caused by administration of 22-25 IU, especially if the injection was made during or immediately after workout.
So try do not go above 20 IU of insulin in one injection. If it is administered during or immediately after a workout, it is best its volume did not exceed 15-16 IU.


Most appropriate in sports practice is the use of insulin of short actions. Experienced people can recommend the use of intermediate-acting insulin, usually in combination with the "short" or "ultra" insulin, or "mix." levant chapter.
There are special insulin syringes and you have to inject insulin only with their help.

Hypoglycemia appears when blood glucose level reached a high level. It is impossible not to recognize hypoglycemia. However, for someone who is preparing for the first use of insulin, these are the main symptoms: sudden sweating, acute hunger, difficulties with coordination and orientation in space, blurred vision (circles before the eyes),speech disorders, trembling limbs, heart begins to beat faster, increased feelings of insecurity, panic, mood changes, change of behavior.

The main problem is that once the allowed dosages of insulin was exceeded, the symptoms occurs very quickly, and people often do not have time to even realize that these are namely side effects.

The result is a complete disorientation, loss of consciousness or involuntary sleep, and i worst cases death. That’s why it’s highly advisable that during the next four hour after injection of insulin to be supervised by a person  who will not let you sleep, will feed you with sweets, and will call a doctor if it would be the case.
This is especially available for those going to inject insulin for the first time.

Once you have warned about the main side effects of insulin use, let’s see is it an anabolic or not.
Also, it is important to find out whether insulin can be taken alone, or in combination with  androgens steroids and HGH.
So, further we will find out if insulin is able to do some changes between anabolic and catabolic processes in favor of the first one.

Insulin, certainly contributes to the liver protein synthesis. The anabolic properties of insulin occur due to the fact that the hormone begins to interact with the receptors of insulin-like growth factor, which doesn’t happens in normal doses.

Insulin increases the permeability of the membranes of muscle fibers not only for glucose, but also for amino acids. Thus, the building blocks cell gets larger.

So, is the use of insulin without androgen meaningless? The answer is not, and there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, insulin promotes the rapid recovery of liver glycogen and muscle cells, which means faster recovery after training loads. Secondly, insulin is a powerful anti-catabolic. That is, it may shift the balance between anabolic and catabolic processes in the body, by lowering the rate of the last one. As you see the use of insulin alone is quite justified.

Insulin resistance and the main factors causing it!:

Insulin resistance leads to increased insulin secretion, hyperinsulinemia, in turn, reduces the number of receptors on the surface of target cells, leading to a further increase of insulin resistance. Process becomes an avalanche. It is a constant elevated levels of insulin in the blood and causes a permanent excess intake of fats and carbohydrates. Additional injection of insulin for a long period of time can, as excessive consumption of carbohydrates and fats, cause permanent reduction in the number of insulin receptors on the cell surface, so - and sustainable reduction ability of cells utilize glucose, ie to type 2 diabetes.
Theoretically, everything seems to be so. In the real world, is unlikely to find at least one person who is injected insulin without interruption for years. A period of less than three years, is unlikely to lead to any changes in the way of diseases. There is, however, risk group, people who have inherited a tendency to develop diabetes. These people should not experiment with insulin at all.
Here are the main external factors that cause insulin resistance: puberty, advanced age, pregnancy, obesity, infectious diseases, stress, endocrine diseases, and others.

As you see the use of insulin for increasing muscle mass is only possible if there is no resistance to the hormone. It is not advisable the use of insulin by young people, older athletes, athletes with impaired liver function, and thyroid gland.

You have to know that before begin the use of insulin, you have to get rid of the slightest excess fat. Why so? Because the use of the drug will go mainly to the path of fat accumulation.