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Is the Use of Steroids Cheating in Sports? You Decide

Posted on 27th Feb 2011 @ 4:26 PM

Is the Use of Steroids Cheating in Sports? You Decide

Among all the controversies regarding steroid use, steroids cheating in sports are the one which is most rampant. This is one of the most sensitive issues in the history of steroids, and there have been a lot of debates regarding this issue. Apparently, the world of sports is quite divided when it comes to this matter because there are some who are against the use of steroids in sports and there are some that find it acceptable.

What is Steroids and Why Do Athletes Use it

Steroids are drugs that are used by athletes to boost their exact performances. The drug is either taken via intramuscular injections or even oral tablets. Once steroids are consumed by the body, it increases the rate at which muscles develop, and this gives the athlete using it the boost that he or she needs in excelling in their respective sports.

A lot of them use it to gain additional strength, endurance and even speed. In a sense, it is one way of conditioning the body, and as a matter of fact, it is highly effective in doing so. This is the reason why a lot of professional athletes are turning to it for a more improved career performance. It is with this reason as well that some other athletes find it as a way of cheating in sports.

Is it actually cheating?

Opinions revolving this issue are divided, and there are still arguments going on until this day about it. For some, use of steroids is mainly another way of body conditioning, and for others, it is a serious blow on the fairness of the sports industry. Nevertheless, there are a lot of sports that have banned the use of steroids in their fields, besides this; there are also a lot of countries that have restricted its use as well.

Whether or not the use of steroids is indeed a form of cheating depends on the person viewing it. Let us take in consideration that they can indeed be a sort of body conditioning strategy and perhaps need only be regulated or carefully manage. The problem lies within the cost of investing on steroids for the development of athletes. Not everyone can afford the long-term use of it, and for those who are not able to utilize it, the notion of being cheated is developed. If steroids are obtained in a cheaper price, perhaps every athlete would be using it by now and there would be no issues regarding its use in sports.

The Final Word

Well in the end, it the issue of steroids cheating in sports is still being dealt with by sports officials today. Whether they be banned on the sport or not, is dependent on the officials of the respective sport. Truth is, a lot of athletes are into steroids and it can be hard to fully control its use, and that is why they may as well consider regulating its use instead. For those steroid users who are aiming for a sports career, it may be beneficial to know what sports restrict the use of it and those that not. It may save you a lot of trouble in the future.