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Steroids and Aspirin, the Dangers that Taking Them Together

Posted on 22nd Mar 2011 @ 11:46 AM

Steroids and Aspirin, the Dangers that Taking Them Together Has

As with the current trends today people use various drugs/medicines to help them in everyday life. People use aspirin for a number of ailments, primarily headaches, anti-inflammatory, minor aches and pains that everyday people tend to experience. It may seem harmless to just take one every single symptoms of the aforementioned ailments occur, but when you pair it up with daily usage of steroids it can really give you more headaches and problems. Steroids are really popular in the body building community, also in sports like baseball they use performance enhancing steroids to acquire what other more talented athletes have. They want to see improvements and get the best results in a short amount of time.

Steroids are really composed of substances that can enhance muscle building and rapid reduction of fats. They are comprised of hormones that target your body’s ability to regulate it and thus adding more muscle to your body. This equates to body builders that can attain a very unique body that they can compete against other body builders in national competitions. Same goes with athletes; they can skip the hard work that is being done on the gym and get the kind of performance they want night in and night out by just using this drug. They can expect to get longer contracts in teams that want their signature; they can be offered large amounts of money just by taking in these drugs.

If both of these drugs are used on a daily basis then what you can expect is that your liver will try and work hard on synthesizing these substances, which can result into clogging up your liver and slowing down it’s synthesizing process. You may experience symptoms such as jaundice, pale stool, dark urine and increase in bilirubin which can cause skin rashes due to skin itching by the user. They can also experience excessive fatigue, and bruising. Bruising is the most dangerous of them all because this causes your liver to bleed out and get damaged permanently, and if you use aspirin on a daily basis with steroids you can really bleed to death, because aspirin can also work as an anti clotting agent in veins.

Cancer is probably the only serious outcome when you are addicted to these substances, liver cirrhosis can have a lasting impact on the body. You have no appetite and you are gradually wasting in time. People are almost bed ridden during cirrhosis and you only have one cure. Liver transplant is the only answer, and sometimes this can be expensive and also you need to have an exact liver match when you actually find a donor. So it’s best if you’re an athlete, a body builder or an average Joe that you stay away from drinking or taking both aspirin and steroids at the same time. You can only use them both if you really need to. But when you are on a steady steroid cycle it is best to just take other alternatives to aspirin.