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Do You Lose All Muscle Mass after Steroids?

Posted on 31st May 2012 @ 12:29 PM

Do You Lose All Muscle Mass after Steroids?

As we all know that a steroid is kind of an organic compound that is used in muscle build up and for some medical conditions. Steroids are of two types; anabolic steroids and corticosteroids. Anabolic steroids are the kind of steroids that athletes take in order to gain weight and for muscle build up purposes. These steroids should never be taken without a doctor’s prescription as they can sometimes turn out to be really dangerous and have several severe side effects on the person who is taking them. Corticosteroids are the kind of steroids which are used to reduce swelling etc.

Steroids that are usually prescribed to enhance muscle build up are considered illegal. And without a doctor’s prescription it is illegal for someone to take steroids of any kinds. Legal actions are taken against athletes who are caught on steroids. Yet still almost all the wrestlers and many athletes are on such steroids. Because this is not a natural way for muscle build up sometimes abnormalities in the body structure can be seen in people who are on such steroids and are taking them in excess. Most people take steroids without even caring that in what amounts it is safe to take them. This is why they later on face many serious consequences.

People who are on steroid cycles and have gained massive muscles with steroids will of course lose some mass of their muscular structure which they have gained from the steroids but not all of it. It is not like that all the muscle that you have gained is from the steroids only. Which is why part of the gained muscle build up and body weight would stay with you even after you quit your steroid cycle. Because some of the gained muscles stay as they are even after the person has stopped taking the steroids. However it is best not to go for steroids to gain muscle build up and be in good shape. One must always go for natural methods and ways for muscle build up that is by means of taking a healthy and balanced diet and with proper exercise. Spending all those hours at the gym will be worth it once you achieve your desired physic and perfect body shape. It might take a lot longer to get what you want but once you get there you would be glad that you did not take steroids to build up your body muscles. This would help you a great deal in leading a healthy life.

People who gain muscles with help of steroids are seen to have more problems as they get older than the ones who worked out in the gym without any aid of steroids. These steroids because of their side effects can cause many physical and mental illnesses. Taking steroids can be very tempting because of its quick results but one must keep in mind that it is never healthy to take short cuts in getting what you want. Sooner or later life makes you regret it.