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Anabolic Steroids vs. Protein Nutrition

Posted on 3rd Dec 2010 @ 4:51 PM

Anabolic Steroids vs. Protein Nutrition

Athletics need to adhere to proper diets in order to ensure that they make progress. Protein is considered to be an essential part of this diet and while this is the case, a large percentage don’t manage to get the same. For starters, proteins have amino acids, which are available in long chains. It is used for optimal repair of the muscles. During workout, muscles tissue is often broken down and as such, it is important to ensure that they use proteins to boost it up. While this is the case, most of them don’t have the time to adhere to a protein nutrition diet and this is where anabolic steroids come in.   


There are several factors that make use of anabolic steroids more vital compared to use of protein nutrition. For starters, it is important to note that anabolic steroids have all the nutrients required to carry out effective muscle building without causing any side effects. Note that if an athlete was to adhere to protein nutrition, then the chances of them taking more calories than they should in actual food are higher. However, by opting to use anabolic steroids, they can rest assured that they are getting accurate amounts of protein that are required to ensure that muscle repair takes place in a quick and effective manner.


Anabolic steroids come in the form of protein supplements and as such, they are also easier to manage and take without compromising on timings or quantity.  For maximum muscle repair to take place, it is important to note that athletes are required to take proteins at least 6 to 7 times in a day. Now picture the inconvenience that accompanies the process of having to prepare the proteins. This is alleviated easily by opting to use anabolic steroids, which are available in protein form. Let’s expound further on this.


The average male requires 1-1.5 protein grams for every pound of the body’s weight while the females require .75-1 gram for every pound of body weight. This is multiplied by with the body’s weight and divided into 6 equal meals. Making sure that you adhere to this can prove to be rather complicated and yet, protein supplements can ensure that you eliminate this by delivering the exact amount of proteins you are supposed to consume. Also, note that within every hour of working out, you are supposed to take proteins since the body needs to use it instantly to function well.


Before sleeping, you are supposed to take some proteins as well so that the body’s muscles can be repaired overnight. But who has time to stick to a protein nutrition plan that keeps check of these timings? What is more, it is important to note that intake of raw proteins and especially egg whites are known to cause Salmonella. With anabolic steroids, all these concerns are eliminated and it is for this reason that they are highly favored by some of the best body builders in the industry. They also ensure that you get optimal results and hence, increase your chances of ensuring that muscle repair takes place in a quick and effective manner.