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Who Sell Real Anabolic Steroids?

Posted on 24th Jan 2011 @ 10:06 AM

Who Sell Real Anabolic Steroids?


Anabolic steroids are famously used among people of all genders and ages in today’s world.  They were first introduced in the market in 19030’s and are used to meet various needs.  Physicians use them to stimulate growth mostly in kids that take longer to grow and also in stimulating the bone marrow so as to grow the blood cells.  Other areas that they are used are in adding appetite especially to patients, building muscles to the very ill like the cancer patients, and stimulating boys’ rate of reaching their puberty.  It can also be used as a contraceptive for men and enhancement of male characteristics for women who wish to attain some of the male characters.


Despite having so many benefits to the human body, anabolic steroids are yet to receive full approval by the public.  Accessing them is therefore quite hard.  In most of the places where you find them selling, it’s more likely that they are sold for much more than they are worth.  Though many people think that getting access to them is almost impossible, this is not so.  There are a lot of places that one can get to purchase anabolic steroids at a very reasonable price.  However, this is highly determined by the location where one is at and their intended use. 


The nearest place where one can get to buy anabolic steroids is from the chemist.  These are sold as medications to treat certain ailments like cancer or asthma.  If one suffers from such a condition, they are more likely to get them much faster.  This is because the doctor will already have prescribed them to you.  Other than for treatment, they can also be prescribed to sportsmen and women who want to improve their performance.  Using them during championships would however lead to them getting expelled from participating in major competitions.  Although the country allows buying of steroids for personal use, most pharmacies prefer to sell tem to patients who use them as a form of treatment.  Strict pharmacists will also not sell them unless one provides a prescription note from an accredited doctor.


The easiest and best way that one can get to purchase anabolic steroids is from the Internet.  The internet is the major source of steroids.  It is always better to buy any form of steroid from the Internet because; full privacy is given to the buyer.  It is also more convenient.  Some of these are affiliated with pharmacies while others are not.  The greatest advantage of Internet sales is that one gets to buy steroids that are not allowed or unavailable in their country.  One also does not have to undergo scrutiny before being allowed to buy.  A wider variety is also provided because some of these sites specialize in the sale of steroids alone.  The only danger that one may be presented with is buying products that are of low quality.  Before taking anabolic or any other type of steroid, one should consult with a doctor.  If properly taken, they end up giving lots of other benefits than actually anticipated.